Water Quality Technician

Position Title: Water Quality Technician - Louisville, KY

Position Description: 
Responsible for sampling industrial, sanitary and commercial wastewater in private and public sewers for specific wastewater characteristics. Measures field parameters. Collects stream water samples for chemical analysis. Assists with biological sampling. Participates in "special event" sampling. Takes measurements for both low and high flow discharge. Performs high and low flow chemical sampling protocols. Uses and cares for water quality meters. Coordinates with laboratory staff regarding sampling schedules. Calibrates meters. Replaces probes and meter membranes. Responds to fish kills or other spills that impact streams. Responsible for ensuring data quality. 

Responsible for the operation and maintenance of Hydrolab mini-monitors including cleaning, calibration, replacement of probes/membranes, data download/upload, data tracking, troubleshooting and installation. Collects stream water samples and field parameters. Installs, operates and services wastewater, groundwater and ambient air monitoring equipment that includes, but is not limited to, automated samplers, flow-meters, pH meters and ITX air monitoring equipment. Designs, fabricates, assembles and installs weirs, flumes and other primary flow measurement devices. Follows proper sample collecting and preservation techniques. Collects industrial and sanitary wastewater samples from public, private and collection system manholes and sewers. Performs mathematical calculations related to wastewater and groundwater monitoring. Follows chain of custody procedures to deliver samples to laboratory for analysis. Assists with biological sampling. Performs data tracking, field notes, data entry, data quality control and coordinates with laboratory. Serves as principal water quality sampler for assessments. Performs special event sampling. Responds to spills that impact streams. Performs stream flow measurements and calculations such as measuring cross-sectional velocity and area and calculating instantaneous discharge.

Education/Experience/Skills Required: 
Knowledge of sampling procedures and methods; knowledge of basic carpentry, electricity, plumbing and instrumentation; knowledge of chain of custody protocols; ability to operate sampling instrumentation and related equipment; ability to calibrate, maintain and install sampling equipment; ability to operate a PC and associated Windows environment software (e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel and Access); ability to work effectively under heavy, unpredictable surges in workload; ability to perform physically demanding tasks as outlined above; ability to be on 24 hour special event call; ability to work various shifts, weekends, holidays and overtime; ability to work outdoors, at night and in all weather conditions; ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; ability to exercise judgment and discretion; ability to maintain accurate records. High School Diploma or GED; up to 18 months of education or training beyond the high school level in chemistry, biology or a related field; two or more years water quality/stream field work; an equivalent combination of education and experience may be substituted. Must possess a valid driver's license. Must have safe work and driving habits.

$41,308.80 - $60,944.00 Annually

Application Instructions: