Plant Operator

Position Title:  Plant Operator - Knoxville, TN

Position Description: 
Monitors and operates several Grade III and IV water and/or wastewater treatment plants, ranging in capacity from 1.3 to 120 Million Gallons per Day (MGD) per all operational and regulatory specifications. Performs SCADA process monitoring and process control adjustments of all mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipment located in the water or wastewater treatment plants. Inspects and/or adjusts equipment and plant processes to ensure the water and wastewater plants meet all applicable criteria and/or stays within accepted parameters established internally or by federal and state regulations. Responsible for taking pro-active steps to prevent and resolve any process failures in a timely manner. Make operational decisions to address any and all process needs including equipment failures, heavy flow conditions, process failures, etc. Self-directed and able to perform safe work practices while operating independently or in small teams of 3 or less. Participates in advanced training and / or performs performance evaluations on treatment process methodology and demonstrates the ability to perform work at a high skill level. Documents work using department software. Follows KUB safety policies and standard operating procedures including the use of required PPE, job safety plans, and chemical procedures. Able to clearly and concisely communicate information across shifts and to other employees via phones, radios, and written instructions. Responsible for documenting work and reporting equipment and process failures. Position requires working in a rotating shift environment including 10 and/or 12 hour shifts, stand-by, periodic emergency call in, and possible rotation amongst multiple water and wastewater treatment plants. Position also requires that a water and / or wastewater treatment license be obtained within 5 years and maintained through professional development.

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Education/Experience/Skills Required: 
Minimum Qualifications
• High school education or equivalent
• Valid Driver’s License
• Training in either the water and wastewater industry, an industrial plant setting, operations of equipment and plant processes, or ability to demonstrate an aptitude in this area 
• Must have a minimum of one (1) year experience or training in the operations of water and wastewater plant processes or other relevant combination of education and experience to demonstrate sufficient technical and industrial aptitude for plant operations

Physical Demands: Must be able to bend, kneel, lift, and perform operations and maintenance activities where conditions are cramped and space is limited. Must be able to enter and perform work safely in a permit-required confined space and be able to maneuver above, below, or around piping or other plant assets. Must be able to physically maneuver large items and operate valves requiring 50 lbs of force or more. Must be able to frequently walk, climb steps, perform work from ladders, and work on structures up to 100’ high. Must be able to pass an initial physical exertion exam. Must be able to perform outdoor work in adverse weather conditions including heat, rain, cold, snow, or ice. Must be able to perform critical operations while in an encapsulated chemical protective suit, full-face respirator, and self-contained breathing apparatus. Must be able to pass initial and routine spirometry and respiratory fit tests. Must be willing to work in and around sewage and obtain associated immunizations. Must be able to physically adjust to day / night shift rotations while maintaining visual and mental alertness. Note: The physical demands described above are intended to relate the approximate physical demands of the classification. Physical demands for a specific position within this classification may vary and/ or exceed those demands described above. Additional information regarding specific positions is available in Human Resources.

Preferred Qualifications
• Grade III or IV Water and/or Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator certification
• Two (2) year degree in a related field, such as Chemistry, Biology, Industrial/Manufacturing Processes, or Engineering Technology
• One (1) or more years experience in operation of a water and / or wastewater treatment plant
• Experience working rotating shift, overtime, holiday, standby, emergency/abnormal conditions and call-in 
• Computer skills, data entry, and experience keeping a detailed log of actions taken
• Experience following or providing complex instructions via phone or radio 
• Experience following technical procedures and working within regulatory requirements
• Demonstrates ability to work independently and as a member of a team
• Experience completing documentation that is legal or regulatory in nature with integrity, honesty, and thoroughness
• Shows good judgment, follow through, and initiative on projects and job tasks
• Demonstrates flexibility by being able to operate multiple water and / or wastewater plants independently and in various workgroups as a team member
• Strong written and verbal communication skills

Pay Grade: 6, 7, 8
Pay Range: $44,200.00 - $87,500.00

Application Instructions: 
Submit online application at