November 1, 2018


KUB Trunk Line Sewer Condition Assessment Program Webinar

(Hosted by the Collections Committee)

Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) operates and maintains a wastewater collection system in the City of Knoxville and parts of Knox County, Tennessee. This collection system contains more than 1300 miles of pipes of various diameters of which nearly 150 miles are larger than 12 inches in diameter. KUB completed an inspection of these 150 miles to evaluate the condition of the collection system and to prioritize follow-up maintenance work or rehabilitation/replacement of the existing trunk lines. Both the inspection work and condition assessments of these larger diameter trunk lines presented unique challenges to KUB.

The purpose of this webinar is to outline KUB’s approach to completing the inspection work and to detail how the condition of these larger diameter lines was evaluated.

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Robert Cook, Jacobs

1 hour of Operator CEU credit (Collections) for live viewing (12:30 ET on November 1, 2018)