April 26, 2017


Trained Inspectors for Trenchless Rehabilitation Projects Webinar

One of NASSCO’s core goals is to improve the success rate of everyone involved in the infrastructure rehabilitation industry through education.  That philosophy has been applied to project inspection through the Inspector Training and Certification Program (ITCP).  ITCP for cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) was developed in 2007 with the first training session held in 2008.  Since then ITCP for manholes has been launched with a training program for grouting available in 2017.

The intent of ITCP for CIPP, manholes and grouting is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the technology for engineers and construction inspectors who provide on-site inspection services.  In order to become certified, each attendee is required to pass an open book exam. To date over 2000 inspectors have been trained.   

This presentation describes the trenchless rehabilitation market and the need for performance specifications with measurable QA requirements and trained inspectors to ensure that the project is built to the project specifications.  Although example inspection requirements are given for CIPP, the inspection principles presented are appropriate for any trenchless rehabilitation process.  When a project includes a professional engineering design, an experienced contractor and a trained inspector, the highest level of quality can be expected.

Lynn Osborn is NASSCO’s Technical Director and Owner of LEO Consulting, LLC. Lynn has over 40 years of experience in the water and sewer industry, including 9 years as a Project Manager for a civil engineering consulting firm and 31 years in engineering with a large technology provider and contractor principally in the business of pipeline trenchless technology. Lynn holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering and is a registered professional engineer in Kansas and Missouri. 

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