October 5, 2016

Asset Management: What to do with all that data? Webinar

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With changes in technology, it's easier than ever for utilities to collect large amounts of data about their system, but managing and utilizing that information can prove challenging. With a focus on wastewater collection systems, this webinar will present several examples of how utilities are utilizing the data collected to gain insights about their system, prioritize capitial spending, and increase efficiency in their work processes.

Jayson Brennen, CDM Smith 
Kevin Campanella, Burgess & Niple, Inc.

Jayson Brennen is a Vice President at CDM Smith. He has over 25 years of experience in the design and implemention of geographic information systems (GIS), technology solutions, and asset management solutions for governmental agencies, utilities, and private organizations.

Kevin Campanella is an environmental engineer specializing in infrastructure management with an extensive background in utilities planning. He served for 7 years as the Asset Management program manager for the Columbus Department of Public Utilities and is currently the Utility Planning Leader for Burgess & Niple. In that role, he assists clients with the challenges of managing their vast, aging infrastructure so they can meet their customers' needs while minimizing costs and risks.