June 9, 2016

Change in State of Tennessee Wastewater Construction Plans, Specifications and Engineering Report Submissions Webinar

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Current procedures for plans, specifications and engineering report submissions need to conform to current Water Quality Board Rules.  Changes will emphasize the nature and timing of the engineering report as a "basis of design" submitted at the end of the preliminary design phase along with preliminary drawings; the role and purpose of PERs and Ers will be differentiated; and the requirements for non-treatment plant projects will be clarified.

George Garden, Chief Engineer, TDEC, Division of Water Resources

Currently the Chief Engineer of the Division of Water Resources and responsible for engineering standards for water and wastewater projects, Mr. Garden has 21 years of consulting experience in the southeast specializing in water and wastewater design services.  He holds a BE in Chemical Engineering ('72) and an MS in Environmental and Water Resource Engineering ('93) from Vanderbilt; he is a registered Professional Engineer in Tennessee and a Board Certified Environmental Engineer in Water Supply and Wastewater by the ACEES.