Utility Trainee (2 positions)

Position Title: Utility Trainee (2 positions) - Louisville, KY

Position Description: 
Under direct supervision, performs physical, unskilled tasks associated with sewer and drainage maintenance. Must comply with Federal, State, Local and MSD requirements and regulations.

Mows and cleans ditches. Shovels snow in season. Trims trees and bushes. Sets up and operates portable pumps, 90 lb. jackhammers and other heavy equipment. Digs ditches, holes and other excavations. Loads/unloads equipment, materials and supplies weighing 10 lbs. to 100 lbs. Lifts heavy (45 lbs. to 100 lbs.) objects from the ground to an elevation of 4'8". Hauls miscellaneous materials in wheelbarrows (250 lbs.) a minimum of 200 feet. Operates jackhammer and 45 lb. air spade. Mixes mortar. Loads/unloads sewer pipe (100 lbs. maximum/person) from truck and carries to job site (anywhere from 10' to 200'). Hands materials to person performing assorted repair operations. Assists pipe layers in miscellaneous tasks. Assists in laying pipe. Assists in cleaning catch basins. Assists in putting up all MSD maintained floodwall closures (in season). Piles sandbags (50 lbs.) during flooding events. Operates 20 lb. weed eaters, 25 lb. chainsaws and other small power tools. Cleans/cuts ditches. Removes catch basin grates (50-200 lbs) and manhole covers (125 lbs.). Walks/crawls sanitary/storm sewers for repair/cleaning/inspection. Climbs down into catch basins. Performs mandatory CDL inspections. Performs other related duties as assigned or as judgment/necessity dictates. Assists with installation of flood protection street closures.

Education/Experience/Skills Required: 
Knowledge of the proper use of basic hand tools; ability to lift up to 100 lbs. from the ground to a height of 4'6", or waist level; ability to lift and carry up to 100 lbs for 200'; ability to work outdoors, at night and weekends under adverse working conditions including inclement weather; ability to work effectively under heavy, unpredictable surges in workload; ability to work various shifts and mandatory overtime.

High School Diploma or GED; an equivalent combination of education and experience may be substituted. Must take and pass CAPS test. Must possess a valid driver's license. Must have an acceptable and reliable means for being contacted during off-duty hours. Must have safe work and driving habits. Must obtain a CDL-Class A with N endorsement within 6 months.


Application Instructions: 
Please apply on our website: http://www.louisvillemsd.org/Careers