Hazardous Materials & Industrial Stormwater Supv.

Position Title:
Hazardous Materials & Industrial Stormwater Supv. - Louisville MSD

Position Description:
Supervises IWD staff in matters associated with the Louisville and Jefferson County Hazardous Materials Ordinance (HMO), Industrial Stormwater Program, Unusual Discharge Request (UDR) Program and Emergency Response and customer service activities. Reviews all regulatory requirements for these programs and ensures MSD programs meet or exceed compliance. Provides oversight of inspectors under direct supervision and reviews assigned work of all inspectors related to the HMO and Industrial Stormwater Programs. Acts as the MSD IWD command representative when responding to hazardous materials incident spill responses. Provides professional response training, incident critiques, and coordinates or conducts more in-depth follow-up or special project investigations. Serves as the primary MSD representative at the Local Emergency Planning Committee meetings and other response community-related meetings. Provides recommendations on referral of enforcement and jurisdictiona l matters to outside regulatory agencies. Supervises activities related to the day-to-day operations of the Vehicle Accident Administration Program (VAAP) and ensures mitigation equipment is available for all Fire Departments in Jefferson County. Develops annual, semi-annual or special reports related to the HMO, Industrial Stormwater, UDR and VAAP Programs and Emergency Response and Customer Service events.

Supervises HMPC Plan facility inspections for all Environmental Compliance Inspectors. Reviews submitted HMPC applications and resolves application discrepancies before distributing to inspectors for inspections. Reviews completed inspections for content and ensures inspections are properly documented and enforcement is initiated, if required. Reviews wastewater permits completed by assigned inspectors and ensures the permits are completed according to the requirements established by the Industrial Programs Manager and Regulatory Administrator. Approves or schedules follow-up facilities inspections of assigned Programs for compliance purposes. Ensures industrial storm inspections are scheduled as required by the MSD Threat Matrix priority system for High and Moderate level facilities and assigns Low level facilities for intermittent inspections, as needed. Provides quality assurance/quality control functions for documentation related to Hazardous Materials Incid ents, HMPC inspections, Industrial Stormwater inspections, and HMPC Plans. Develops the weekly Call Roster for all Environmental Compliance Inspectors and MSD departments included in the roster. Distributes the Call Roster to all required MSD employees. Establishes a yearly Call Roster and mitigation program management schedule for long term planning purposes. Ensures MSD has mitigation equipment available to satisfactorily administer the Vehicle Accident Mitigation Program. Oversees the mitigation dumpster area and proper disposal of dumpster waste. Ensures assigned self-contained breathing apparatus and respirators are properly inspected and maintained by IWD personnel. Ensures all IWD personnel have emergency response equipment in good working condition and all meters/equipment are properly calibrated. Provides support to MSD regarding hazardous materials and training as requested. Oversees ongoing training of Environmental Compliance Inspectors in subjects relat ed to the HMO, Industrial Stormwater and Emergency Response. Directs the inspection of Industrial/Commercial facilities for compliance with industrial stormwater permits. Responds to chemical release incidents within Louisville Metro during normal working hours, as well as, off-hours, as requested. Attends Response Group Meetings and Pretreatment Enforcement Group Meetings to assess evidence and data collected to critique past incidents, situations and subsequent violations and recommends a future course of action. Request needed resources and manpower needed to mitigate response incidents. Provides professional assistance to the emergency response agencies. Reviews UDR request and sampling data, assigns discharge locations, performs discharge flow calculations, coordinates with required MSD departments and formally approves or denies request. Schedules pretreatment sampling requirements to comply with pretreatment regulations and schedules other sampling events as t he result of internal/external request.

Education/Experience/Skills Required:
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Necessary to the Work: Knowledge of MSD business practices, industrial processes, emergency response activities, wastewater treatment, industrial stormwater and all related Federal, State and Local regulations, knowledge of the uses and characteristics of chemicals, pretreatment systems and commercial business inspections; knowledge of hazardous materials; knowledge of the sewer and stormwater drainage system; skill in performing mathematical calculations; skill in oral and written communication; ability to read sewer plans, sewer atlases, maps and blueprints; ability to verify site plans, flow schematics, production and pretreatment equipment specifications and maintenance diagrams; ability to negotiate; ability to operate a PC and associated Windows environment software (e.g. Microsoft Office Suite); ability to supervise a diverse workforce; ability to train others; ability to understand and interpret legal documents and corresponde nce; ability to resolve problems; ability to exercise tact and diplomacy; ability to exercise judgment and discretion; ability to work outdoors, at night and under adverse working conditions such as inclement weather; ability to work effectively under heavy, unpredictable surges in workload; must have an acceptable and reliable means of being contacted during off-duty hours; ability to work 24 hour emergency response as required, various shifts and weekends.

Minimum Requirements: Bachelor Degree in environmental sciences or a related field; five or more years of related experience; an equivalent combination of education and experience may be substituted. Must have completed a 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) course and possess a current certification as a Hazardous Material Technician Level emergency responder pursuant to 29 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) 1910.120. Must possess a valid driver’s license. Must have safe work and driving habits.

Safety Requirements: Must qualify to wear a Level “A” fully encapsulated chemical protection suit. Must be medically and physically able to wear respiratory protection equipment. Must wear appropriate protective safety equipment when hazards justify its use.


Application Instructions:
Apply on our website: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/louisvillemsd